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Testing the functionality of auto-scan

With Amethyst V2.0 (Internet Error Report V1.13), comes a new and important feature - auto-scan.
To test the functionality of auto-scan, please ensure that you have the latest version of Amethyst installed.

Start Amethyst manually, by clicking "Start" > "All Programs" > "Dans Network" > "Internet Error Report".
When the main window loads, click "Settings". The configuration window will then appear.
Select the "Information" tab. Then click the "Generate" button, found under "Generate test error report data".
After you have done this, a new "Restart program" button will become visible. Click it.

When the program re-loads, you will be prompted to send the test error report. Click "Send" as usual.
After the test error report has been sent with success, ensure that the check box "Allow auto-scan to search for a solution to this problem" is enabled.
Click "Close", and Amethyst will search the DN server for a solution relevant to the error report.

A test error report solution page has been made, to inform you that the auto-scan feature of Amethyst V2.0 is functioning correctly.