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General error report data

An error report contains several key pieces of information which help to diagnose the cause of the problem - They are;

1. The name of the affected program.
2. The version number of the affected program.
3. The date on which the error was encountered.
4. The time at which the error was encountered.
5. Basic description of the error. Eg: "File not found.".
6. Comment. Eg: "Critical security file was not present.".
7. Your email address*.
8. Your name*.
9. Your company name*.

* Only applicable if you have decided to include contact information with error reports.

Additional data included with error reports

Sometimes, more information can help to diagnose a problem.
For this reason Amethyst may sometimes include up to three files with an error report.
These may be program log files, or files that the program was working with at the time of the problem.

If any files are included with an error report, you can see them by clicking 'View error report data' from the main window.