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Initial setup of Amethyst

Before Amethyst can be utilized, you must configure some settings.
This generally requires less than two minutes of time. This should be done immediately after installation.

1. Run Amethyst.

2. Click 'Start' on the welcome screen.

3. Do you want your error reports to contain contact information?
You have the option to include contact information in error reports. Any contact information provided will be used to assist you with the error defined by the error report.
Click 'Next' to continue to the next step.

4. Configure automatic updates, auto scan, and connection details.
Automatic updates will allow the program to automatically search for updates every time it is used. If an update is available you will be notified.
Auto scan can search the DN Server for previous error reports of the same type. If a fix for the issue is available you will be notified.
The default connection settings are correct and do not need to be modified. Modification of the connection settings may result in program malfunction.
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5. Understanding the error reporting service.
It is important that you understand what the error reporting service is, and how it works.
Once you have read this information, click 'Next' to continue to the next step.

6. Review your settings.
Now you should review your settings. If all settings are acceptable, click 'Finish' to terminate the program.

The error report client is now ready if it needs to be used.
You should test the error report client works correctly by invoking a test error report. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Last modified 24/05/2013