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Implementing Help

To use my help viewer for your own program, all you need to do is call 'HELP.EXE' followed by a space and then the topic name.
DN Help will automatically open and search through 'HELP.TXT' until the topic you specified is found.

To launch Help and then load the help topic 'Saving a file', you could use the following code snipped for VB6:

Dim strHelpTopic As String
strHelpTopic = "Saving a file"
Call Shell("HELP.EXE" & " " & strHelpTopic

Alternatively, you could click here to download 'LoadHelp.bas' and add it directly to your VB6 project.
Using the LoadHelp module, you could use the following code snippet to lauch Help:

strHelpTopic = "Saving a file"
Call Load_Help

Help requires the installation of Amethyst to function correctly. This should be taken in to consideration before distributing Help with your software.
However, if you need a version of Help that does not depend on the installation of Amethyst to function, you can request one by contacting me.