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Help file structure

Dans Network Help needs the help file to be structured in a specific way.
Each help topic needs to be declared with its label, enclosed in square brackets. You then need to declare the end of the help topic with a single hash mark (#) on the next line down.
The following snippet shows part of a help file.

The help file needs to be saved as plain text, as 'HELP.TXT' and reside in the same directory as 'HELP.EXE'.

This help file was created by Mr Smith on 01/01/1990

[Saving a file]
To save a file click 'File' from the menu bar, then click 'Save as...'.
You can then specify a directory and file name of your choice.
Finally, click 'Save'.

[Closing the program]
Click 'File' from the menu bar, then click 'Exit'.

Any text that is not contained within a topic will not be used by Help, so you can add information about the author of the help file, and change dates etc.