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Setting a personal tag

A personal tag must be configured before you first use LAN IM.
A personal tag appears next to all messages that you send. If you have not set a personal tag you will be unable to send or receive connection requests.
To set your personal tag, click 'File' > 'Configure Personal Tag...'. A new dialog window will appear. Type your desired tag in the text box provided and then click 'OK'.

Your tag will be saved to file. Next time you use LAN IM you will have the same tag by default.

Connecting to a remote system

Before you can send text, you must first establish a connection with that system.
When you first use the program, you must allow it to communicate with other systems on the LAN or access to the internet. You can do this by configuring your firewall software, and/or router port forwarding (if applicable).

Next, you will need to be sure that both the local and remote system are running a LAN IM at the same time.
Finally, you click 'File' > 'Establish Connection...'. A new dialog will appear requesting that you specify either the IP address or network name of the remote system.
If the remote system is on the LAN, you will only need to specify the system name. However, if the remote system requires an internet connection you will have to specify the IP address.
After you have specified the system name, or IP address you click 'OK'. LAN IM will then attempt to connect to the system you specified.

If the connection attempt is successful, you will be notified. Once connection is established you are ready to send and receive text.

If you are waiting for an incoming connection you do not need to follow the above steps. Simply run the program and wait for the incoming connection attempt.

If the connection attempt failed, please check your connection is valid. Also check that the port numbers in the options window are valid and are not being blocked by your firewall software. If the remote system is not running LAN IM, connection attempts will fail.

Sending text

Once a connection has been established you can send and receive text.
The lower text box provides a space for you to type the text you want to send.
When you are happy with the text you have typed, you can click the 'Send' button, or strike the return key.

If the text is successfully received by the remote system, it will appear in the upper text box on your system.
If delivery of the message fails, you will be notified by visual warning - a red flash and a text notification.

When the remote user is typing you will be notified by a small blue dialog in the lower right corner.


When you have finished, you disconnect from the remote system.
To do this click 'File' 'Disconnect'. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Q.
The remote user will be notified that you intentionally disconnected.

After one user disconnects, both users are returned to the original state of the program.
From here you can establish a new connection, or wait for an incoming connection again.

Last modified 18/01/2013.