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Connection settings

LAN IM allows the local and remote port numbers to be configured.
The local port number defines what port number the local system will use. The remote port number allows you to assume what port the remote system will be using.
By default the local and remote port numbers are both 1234.

< Port configuration.

The port configuration settings are disabled while the system is currently connected.

Miscellaneous settings

< Miscellaneous settings Various settings can be configured from this tab.
  • Visual
    Click 'Configure' to set the font settings for the local system. The font name, color, size, bold and italic variables can be defined here.
  • Chat logging
    Enable or disable chat logging by clicking the checkbox. When chat logging is enabled all conversations are saved to a text file in the program directory. Click 'View' to display the contents of the chat log, or click 'Delete' to clear the chat log file.
  • Audio notification
    Enable or disable audio notification by clicking the checkbox. When audio notification is enabled, LAN IM will sound a beep when new text is received.
  • Profanity sensor
    Enable or disable the profanity sensor by clicking the checkbox. The profanity sensor allows potentially offensive words to be removed or replaced from text you receive. It does not have any influence on text that you type and send to the remote user.
    To modify the offensive term database click 'Show profanity file data'. Then directly modify the contents of the database.

    All data contained in the profanity file sensor file must follow the following syntax:


    For example:

    "FUCK, F**K" would replace the swear word with a less offensive alternative.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings allow you to make backup copies of settings files, and restore them.
This can be useful when trying new settings that you are unsure of, or attempting to troubleshoot.

To create a backup copy of the current settings files click 'Backup'.
You will be required to confirm the request. If you are sure you want to create a backup copy of the settings files, click 'Yes'.

If you need to restore a previous copy of the settings files click 'Restore'.
You will be required to confirm the request. If you are sure you want to restore the backup settings, click 'Yes'.
Once the backup copies have been restored the program will need to terminate. You will be notified of this by a dialog. Click 'OK' to terminate the program.

 Advanced settings >

Last modified 18/01/2013.