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Best practices for using LAN Send

LAN Send can be a very useful tool for alerting users of an occasional issue.
However, the program could be counter-productive if used in an incorrect manner.
The following is a small list of best practices when using LAN Send Server.

Avoid sending multiple messages in succession LAN Send Client uses a system-modal dialog box when a message is received. This means that it will appear over all other programs on the client machine.
Although this has the advantage of ensuring the client can see the message, is has the disadvantage of becoming annoying if used frequently.
Avoid sending long messages LAN Send is intended to send short informative alerts.
Using the program to chat or send long strings is not recommended.
Use the correct dialog box type depending on the message context Don't use critical dialog boxes every time you send a message. It may grab attention. However it is misleading, and de-sensitises the user to critical alert dialog boxes from other programs.