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LAN Send is a two part program. It requires both the client side service and a server side program to function.
The program provides an easy way to send a message to a client computer on a network.

The client program is a very small executable program that should be configured to start with windows.
It constantly listens for a connection from the server program.

The server program has the ability to compose and send messages.
When the server program sends a message, a confirmation dialog appears. This allows the user to know if the message has been delivered or not.

< LAN Send Server program. < The confirmation dialog notifies of a successful message delivery.

The server program is used to type the message, and specify any additional details.
From the server program, the title of the client dialog box and its icon can be defined.

< The dialog box displayed on the client system.

< Selectable text dialog displayed on client system.

System Requirements

OS: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP.
Hardware: At least two Windows systems connected via LAN.

This program has not been tested with Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Detailed Information

Version compatibility
How the program works
Configuring the client side service
Best practices
Connection information

Known Issues

Server unable to send new message until client dismisses current dialog
Installation failure. 'Outdated files' dialog displayed
Unable to send selectable text message to client
Client version 1.4 displays notification regardless of 'HIDE.INI' contents

Last modified 16/05/2013