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What is the error reporting service?

Many of my programs support a simple error reporting functionality.
If a fatal error occurs Amethyst is executed and prompts you to report the error.

You can download the installer for Amethyst by clicking here. Be sure to install the latest version.

Do I need to have Amethyst installed?

In order to send error reports you will need to have Amethyst installed.
If Amethyst is not installed on your system the program will display a generic message box dialog should an error occur, or fail to initialize upon execution entirely.

What information does an error report contain?

Click here to view the details of what information an error report contains.

Does sending error reports help me in any way?

Maybe; If you send error reports I can find out exactly what is happening in one of my programs when it goes wrong and can write a fix for it.
If you decide to include contact information in your error reports, I will email you with suggestions to resolve the issue.

If the problem has already been documented you will be prompted to follow a link describing the cause of the error and resolution instructions.

Last modified 18/05/2013